Ditch Friday for Boracay I did!

The Philippines is a nice place to buy into. I won’t go as far as tell you that the Philippines is a beautiful country. Big words like love and beauty are too relative and your blogger can’t quite handle them. I could settle for a more concrete adjective and tell you here that the Philippines is a rotten country. That would be easy and would not make anyone question what I’m babbling about my country the Philippines. But that, too, would not be honest, especially coming from someone as who has just come from a holiday in the tropical island of Boracay.

At the scene of the party in Tides Boracay
Ditch Friday for Boracay we did!

Many things have been said about Boracay and still its charm has not been any less. The oft-claimed “overdevelopment” must have made a considerable damage to Boracay but I doubt if that is not without any benefits. Consider, for example, the more than many hotels and resorts in Boracay Island. It frustrates Boracay vacationers looking forward to a “frontierland” holiday and makes many Boracay hotel and resort guests wake up to a more or less phony-up paradise. But once I spent a substantial amount of time beginning late last year at Tides Hotel in Boracay, I knew that everything was all right and was as they should be.


Bacardi Ditch Friday party at Tides Hotel in Boracay
Tides Hotel in Boracay’s “Bacardi Ditch Friday”


Tides Hotel and White Beach in Boracay equals to a fab holiday. Throw in a Bacardi and one can’t help but romanticize Boracay. Imagine fun in the sun and the sand, lots of it. And, at the same time, imagine a big city party as bubbly as a Manila party, also lots of it. Then think of chilling out in the roof deck of a nice resort, all wasted and all right, while looking out to a sunrise of one of the world’s renowned island. All that waited for us when we availed of the “Bacardi Ditch Friday” at Tides Hotel in Boracay.

The whole idea of the Tides Boracay’s Bacardi Ditch Friday was to encourage all party people and beach lovers to ditch their usual Friday in Manila and fly to Boracay for a different kind of sunset event. To make it a reality, Tides Boracay tied up with Seair and Bacardi to offer Boracay guests a three-day, two-night package at Tides Boracay, inclusive of round-trip Seair tickets and free breakfast, all for P10k. And what do you get for your P10k? To be honest about it, I got a weekend worth P10k.

The Tides Hotel “Bacardi Ditch Friday” is a weekly sunset bash at the Boracay hotel, made possible in partnership among industry leaders Bacardi, Seair, and Tides Boracay. Unless you have been away too long, Tides Boracay is owned and managed by some of Manila’s top-rung partyphiles, including Erik Cua, Stephen Ku, Iza Calzado, Tim Yap, among others. So it wasn’t surprising that they bring to the island not only the fashionably chic Tides Hotel Boracay but the party vibe of Manila as well. And that they did.


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