Travel dilemma No. 23

Hotel de Mercedes cocktail lounge, circa fall, with Sherry for company

We travel in the direction of our fear. We try to avoid it, yet end up face-to-face with it. Like roaches say. Or something bigger. Like being alone. That is something that I’m afraid of. In college I lived in a dorm with four blockmates who eventually became my girl friends. Those were the times when I though that being away was not the same as being alone. And college proved just that.

Then it happened slowly. One by one we went our separate ways. We met during weekends, then once a month, until it lengthened considerably and it became really hard not to miss them.

in a street in cebuMore so now that it’s raining here in Cebu. We’re in the typhoon month and it feels dismal here in Cebu. There is a relief, though, in the accommodating bar of the Hotel de Mercedes in Cebu. It is not like life has stopped on account of the typhoon. It has just gone undercover. The cocktail lounge of the Hotel de Mercedes for example. Outside the houses in Cebu must be some hive of domestic activity.

Cebu is a city that has more claim to the title “City of Smile.” That’s what they call Bacolod I know. But, no offense, I find Cebu friendlier. Cebu is a place where folks are all acquaintances and smiles are not hard to find even in this kind of weather and it sort of makes the rain and the November wind less bad.

dismal Cebu street sceneCebu is so much unlike many towns and cities I’ve been to, especially those overseas. There are no pariahs here. We’re all acquaintances. But it is not acquaintances that I need right now.

Maybe there is something I could do with it. You know, move back to Manila where my life is, as mom will say. Or maybe not. What can I say, life really has its way towards decline. It isn’t necessary to leave someone behind. Just wait around and that time will come.


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