Singapore: Where sun and rain make rainbow appear

Singapore, YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, Circa Fall 2007

Singapore, it seems, has inherited more than just the British efficiency in trade and industry. Sun one minute, rain the next. As in the British weather, who knows what the crazy Singapore weather will bring?

I kid you not. And I’m far from stretching my Singapore experiences here. Singapore is a small country, where the rustic coastline of Sentosa Island is minutes away by bus ride from the steel-and-concrete metropolis of Singapore City.

One minute we were lounging and basking on the sun and the hot, crisp sea air of Sentosa in Singapore, and then in a jiffy when it started to rain, we found ourselves in a mad rush to what turned out to be one great buy after another at the Suntec City shopping mall in Singapore.

It was, of course, an unfortunate turn of event. Instead of loafing at the beach, we had to compete against other Singapore shoppers, haggle, lose one another and then find one another.

Hotel in Singapore of YWCA Fort Canning LodgeThere was no better word to describe it than a mad rush, really. And then we had to haul up everything we could to our hotel room at the nearby YWCA Fort Canning Lodge in Singapore. What a strenuous day. And we, of course, couldn’t be any happier.

Right now, Singapore is creeping up on my Top 10 list of destinations. It’s clean, it has an efficient mass transport system, and you’ve got to give it to them for adapting well to their crazy weather: shopping! (Right, the YWCA Hotel at the Fort Canning where we stayed in Singapore)

And then it happened. A rainbow appeared after the rain and the sun came out to its rightful place. It was strange, especially because we were headed toward the direction of the rainbow and we ended up at the Mustafa Center in the Little India district!


Our hotel room at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge in Singapore

Our room at the YWCA Lodge: Luxury at half the price, really.

We found practically more than what we needed at the Mustafa Center in Singapore, from all sorts of touristy knick-knacks to jewelry, clothing, footwear, electronics gadget, (huffing now from excitement 🙂 ). The best part is, they’re good buys really, and not goodbye to your money. But, then again, that’s shopping and I’m criminally biased for shopping. Don’t take my word for it.

If there ever was a pot of gold at the end of the tunnel, I have seen its real-life equivalent. Although I must add that I found it in a nondescript portion of Singapore. But, what the hell, not all that is gold does glitter.

Mad rush for great buys: What a girl wants in Singapore 🙂

Good buys, not goodbye to your money at Mustafa Center in Little India, Singapore
Mustafa Center in Singapore


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