Boracay: Where real winds blow in the Philippines. Weeee :)

Boracay Pictures

It surprises me how I’m able to live out in a place far away from home, where most faces are strangers, and where real winds blow. At five feet tall and with less than 100 lbs. of weight, your blogger is hardly the outdoorsy type, whose tiny frame is more of a liability in the great outdoors. Sometimes I feel like I’d gladly exchange bodies with a healthy wench! Never had it been helpful to me, really, until I tried an “infant” watersport activity in Boracay called kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding, I found out in Boracay, favors the thin and the short. But it likewise favors the strong in the arms and legs. By favoring the thin and the short I don’t mean that it is some wimpy activity in Boracay. Kiteboarding is hard and tiring because one needs focus and strength to maneuver the kiteboard in the face of the strong Boracay wind and the harsh Boracay sun.

But it’s the first time I tried kiteboarding in Boracay. For all I know, the others in Bolabog Beach that day with us had a fun time. It showed on our trip back to our hotel in Boracay Sandcastles Resort. Boracay kiteboarding favors people like me for only as far as it makes getting around with the wind really easy. After that, it is pure hell and fun. More fun if one has strong arms and great concentration.


But small or not it was really great to go kiteboarding in Boracay because more than anything else it requires old-fashioned ingredient necessary in every sporting activity: SKILLS. And then there is the DANGER of being dragged out into the open ocean off the Boracay Beach, which frightened me. But, as with many of the fears we have, I was merely imagining too much that time.

As my turn came, I shook off the fear. Or rather, I didn’t think. I just kept my focus. On the kite, the board, the grip, the sea, and not the sharks and the foreboding ocean in the horizon. Gladly the fear went away and it was replaced by a feeling way better than sex! Later that night, back to the room in our Boracay resort, I was glad that I was able to go kiteboarding, all fears aside. I was blowing with the wind, and in total control of my direction. I don’t know what could be better than that.


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