Now that Santa already knew who’d been nice…

…It probably is all right to be naughty. Merely two weeks had passed since 2008 made its debut and there I was at the Café Noir in the early afternoon, testing all the good intentions that I had at coming up with a New Year’s resolution not to indulge in sweets, those ungodly, decadent, jazzy, sugary delights!

It was as I predicted: A sweet victory! We disposed of a serving of the frozen haute chocolate as soon as we ordered a strawberry almond parfait from a young woman who kindly attended to us and our childish excitement at the G Hotel Manila café. I don’t know about my friends, but I felt like I failed myself. I’d been naughty, but it felt way better than nice!

Located inside the so-called boutique hotel of the G Hotel in Manila, the Café Noir reeks of flamboyance. I don’t know how else to explain it, but if you have been to one of the grand churches in Manila like the Quiapo Church, that’s what I felt about the G Hotel. The hotel, after all, is the Manila hotel of the prestigious hotel chain brand Waterfront Group.

First test of our resolution came in the form of the Café Noir cheese cake pudding, with mountains of whip creams and walnut toppings, and served in the similarly chic ambiance of the rooms at the Manila hotel of the Waterfront, looking great and simply delightful in every bite. Form and substance, we just loved it. Totally!

Then there’s the G Hotel coffee. I have no pretensions about being a coffee aficionado, but there was just littler chance that one could avoid romanticizing the G Hotel coffee. It was sinfully delicious; the best that the coffee philistine in me could come up with. And that probably says much about their coffee. I don’t even drink coffee regularly.

We saved our favorites for last: Sundaes! They were, as you might say, showstoppers, for as soon as we decided on having one, we dropped all of our efforts at conversations and just moaned and sometimes bobbed our heads up and down at appreciation, and not even a time for cam-whoring. It looked ridiculous, a set of three unaccompanied girls forgetting for a brief period of time at a hotel café in Manila. There’s a good part of the year ahead anyway to be nice. 😛


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