From Cebu hotel to Rio de Janeiro fantasy land

Part of my job as events organizer is to know what would click. It basically starts in research, which is a good thing. Research is something I am not good at and therefore hate. So right at the start of every project I could sit on my job. What could be better than that?

Then comes the consultation with clients. It’s something I have come to love if you want to know. I have interviewed clients quite enough to say that I like doing it. But, just as I thought that I’d been doing it long enough to give me composure at any given situation, here comes this consultation with a teenager that sort of made me feel unprofessional.

Months before a client’s debut at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu, we worked on a theme for the party and the debutante was hands-on and very nice about it. I interviewed the debutante over merienda at the Wang Shan Lo restaurant of the Cebu hotel and the interview confirmed my suspicion that I am mentally still a debutante.

Here is a portion of the interview:

Me: Hi! So what kind of things—like TV shows, movies, clothing—do you like?

Girl: [Pausing with her ice cream] Hmm, I really like American Idol, especially the people who sing really badly.

Me: [Pausing with my ice cream] OMG. Me too!

Girl: I like Topshop, and also Crocs Capri Flip Flops.

Me: Me TOO!

Girl: And I love my pink iPod.

Me: Me TOO!!

Girl: And that actor Jay Cuenca.

Me: [superexcited now] ME TOO!! [Looking around to give that ‘I’m-loud-but-sweet-see?’ to anybody that might have overheard us.]

You see why I have come to like that part of my job? It makes me see things about myself. Even the things that are not so good. Like what the above exchange at the hotel in Cebu proves (you may call it a case of being a “late bloomer,” I will call it “arrested development”).

During the course of our chat, not consultation really, I might have lost that sense of professionalism I supposedly had. But what the hell. At least I know I could always do other jobs like, say, an editor at a teen magazine. Not that we made a bad job out of it mind you. Here is the pic used for the invite of the debut at the Cebu hotel and tell me if I bungled the job!

From Cebu Hotel to Rio de Janeiro fantasy land

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