Travel dilemma No. 22 at the Mulligan Resort in Boracay

(Boracay, circa late fall of 2007)

Maybe I ought to be on my way now. This is not the Boracay that greeted me at the start of the holiday. It had been all right some days back at the Mulligan Resort, when chaps and the family were here. Now they are gone. And maybe I should come back to reality now. Holiday’s over.

It is not going away, though, that makes this Boracay jaunt difficult to wrap up. Sure, if I got sick of Boracay I will go. I have to go. Anyone will at one time or another. Sooner or later I’ll get sick of it. That’s for sure. Or is it? I have yet to hear anybody getting sick of Boracay.

Boracay Beach Scene

Moving on is a struggle if you want to know. Golf in the morning with the hotel guests (which is actually nothing but a long, hard walk for me), brunch in the patio overlooking the white beach, good swimming, much sleep, and tolerable drinking, I must be… where?


Mulligan Golf Resort

All things removed of their complexities, I want to move out of the resort in Boracay and move on. Manila is where the family is. And between Cebu and Manila is where the job is. And my life? A little is in Manila. And a big chunk of the rest is already lost in Cebu.

I hope Boracay will be good for another week more before I really wouldn’t want to see it. Not that I don’t think it is a nice place. You understand me, I think it’s a good piece of local haven. Only that I tend to get impatient at the laidback kind of life and sometimes I can’t wait to move on.

I just have to move on. I know I’ll move on all right. I know, sadly, that I’ll have to get out of this peace I’m feeling right now. I know I’ll have to face up to reality when I get out of here. And I know that, once out of Boracay, I have to be lucky to find the life I lost in Cebu.

(PS—Anyone from Mulligan Boracay reading this, thank you for hosting an uncivilized and unruly group of people. And, also, kindly go back here for the disclosure of what we’ve accidentally broken in your resort, if possible when a certain Alex Pablico has checked out of her hotel room.)

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