Crossing out an item in my to-do-before-I-die list

Cebu, typhoon month October, circa 2007

Krip Yuson is one of the (still living) Filipino writers who in my opinion write solid and charming letters. Be it essay or fiction he writes in a style that is both imaginative and edifying. The ephemeral and the eternal. The chic and the cheap. The hilarious and the very hilarious.

Krip Yuson

But do not think he is a famous writer. He is in his circle. I saw that pretty well in Casa del Mar. He is not famous but he is awfully good. He is one writer whose contact number I want to have, and have a chat with over the phone and tell him my thoughts on his Philippine Star column.

Thinking thus, I still cannot believe why I passed up on the opportunity to talk to him when I chanced upon him in the outdoors portico of the Casa del Mar golf resort here in Cebu. I don’t know.

I thought it would accomplish nothing, then I thought it could be something that would stay with me for a very long time. You understand me, I shilly-shallied. And then of course he left the portico, with his entourage and all.

Now it all seemed stupid. I should have maybe approached him, with nothing but the brazenness of youth with me. But you know what I did and that was it.

Speaking of not seizing the day and working myself up on it afterwards, I finally got the courage to go sunbathing topless. Maybe because it came on the heels of that frustration I was talking about that I was able to go sunbathing in the Cebu resort. Maybe that or this resort in Cebu is just too idyllic not to do anything you don’t do everyday.

casa del mar golf resort in cebu

Being in an off-peak season, Casa del Mar had at that time only what looked like the regulars playing golf in the fairways away from the sea. The beach, on the other hand, had no souls other than mine. And, anyway, it was the first time I saw the sun in a week.

Topless sunbathing is on my list of things I want to do before I die, and I finally got to cross it out that fateful Tuesday afternoon in Casa del Mar in Cebu. I don’t know if I got this right but I always had an impression that bikinis are nothing to foreign women, while it is considered some sort of a challenge to many Filipina.


Maybe it was the way we were brought up. And going against the way we were brought up almost always make one feels good. Take my word for it. I did. It was… not liberating… but momentous.

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