Closer to fine here in Cebu

(The Peak Restobar in a hotel in Cebu, while having drinks, alone, and trying to blog instead to avoid eyeing the middle-aged, brown-faced man now looking at me across the room.) For the whole month of October I have to be here in Cebu. Work. That wench is always with me. So much for that. Anyway, I have to be at this place for this event and catch a redeye flight back to Manila at the end of October and reintroduce myself back to friends, family, and my affenpinscher Barney (miss y’all 🙂).

Minus the oversight of the Cebu event, my stay here in Crown Regency has been nice so far. Wide roads in the vicinity, winds that reeked of the sea, and grey skies for the most parts of the day that walking under them felt melancholy and not unlike how it is in old movies when the character leaves everything behind.

This Cebu trip is sort of a test of resolution for me. It’s the first travel I’ve taken on the first month of the first breakup (I hope) I’ve had with my first boyfriend. But let me leave it at that. Sometimes I get a crisis of confidence, sometimes I want to leave everything behind, but most of the time I fight it and struggle.

The characters in the movies have it better. They stop struggling, leave, and then the movie is over. Sometimes I wish life’s a little like that.

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