I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel

Amigo Terrace hotel lounge, circa late fall 2007

I maxed out my heart rate, felt my chest tightened, and got a bit woozy. I felt my legs all right, along with the whole weight of my body. Outside of myself, though, I was vaguely unaware. A streaking SUV, the chilling late afternoon wind, intermittent road kills and cracks.

My friends don’t have to worry though. That’s just what I got from joining the 90-km bike ride from Bacolod to San Carlos in Negros Oriental. It was some bike ride; heavily tiring, fun, and exhilarating. There may be no other words to describe it.

Organized by the B4L or Bike for Life Foundation, the bike ride had 30 or so cyclists paying up to get hurt, in a manner of speaking. But it was exhilarating, as I said, and I slept like a baby afterward.

Together with a couple of friends, our threesome was one of the guest riders in the event. We felt awfully welcome although it was a last-minute thing for us. 🙂 We were in Iloilo for a seminar and in between droning afternoons billeted in the hotel I read about the bike ride here.

bike ride from Bacolod to San Carlos in Negros

Being a motorboat away, we left our bags in the hotel, shipped our bikes, and went to Bacolod; that seminar damn us. We rode under grey skies for 9 hours, rest stops included. In the early afternoon we had the rains and I started to miss my bed at the Amigo Terrace.

It was a pain in the ass I tell you. I don’t know, though, why I keep on looking for that gratification. Now, that’s a lie. I do know. It was just laziness that made me say that. Thinking now how I slept that night, I tell you the pain and the missed conference was worth it.

Going back to city center in Iloilo I headed to the spa and felt awesome at every stroke of the masseuse. It was only because I had been harsh on my body, I supposed, that I get to enjoy pampering it.

I have no intention to proselyte you on the joys of cycling or do anything. But, all the same, just see these pictures of that bike ride and you will know, if ever you get caught in between an important thing (that seminar in the Amigo hotel in Iloilo, say) and something you like (in this case, cycling!)


bike for life bike ridebike for life organizers and participants in San Carlos, Negros

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